New York City Chapter

The New York Chapter

WIZO USA, is a nonprofit women’s organization and and independent federation affiliated with World WIZO headquartered in Israel. Since 1959, WIZO is recognized by the United Nations as a non-governmental organization (NGO) with consultative status in the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF).

Since 1982, WIZO NY, a volunteer organization that also serves as WIZO USA Headquarters, has been unwaveringly committed to supporting our projects and programs for the women, children and elderly in Israel. WIZO NY and our sister chapters across the country are responsible for operating and maintaining 9 Day Care centers, 2 Youth Villages and Dormitories for youth at risk, 2 Shelters for Battered Women and their children, and a center for the Prevention of Violence as part of the 800 project network WIZO operates throughout the country.

In the United states WIZO aims to strengthen the bonds between Israel and American Jewry by promoting Jewish identity and education. WIZO New York is a charitable tax-exempt organization pursuant to Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Tax ID: 13-3041381


National Board Members

Mireille Manocherian

Co-President, WIZO USA

Evelyn Sommer

Founding President, WIZO USA

Gail Perl

Immediate Past President, WIZO USA

Esther Chetrit

Vice President, WIZO USA

Victoria Sakhai

Vice President, WIZO USA

Mira Sofer

Vice President, WIZO USA

Joan Kahn

Board Member Emeritus, WIZO USA

Marci Waterman

Board Member Emeritus, WIZO USA

Leslie Dezer Salmon

Treasurer, WIZO USA

Brenda Abuaf

Operations Chair, WIZO USA

Jackie Siegal

U.N. Representative

Lisa Ohebshalom

U.N. Representative

New York Executive

Lisa Ohebshalom

Chair, WIZO NY

Tali Damaghi

Vice Chair, WIZO NY

Lizzie Domansky

Vice Chair, WIZO NY

Elisa Fadlun

Vice Chair, WIZO NY

Samantha Podolsky

Vice Chair, WIZO NY

Monica Shatz

Vice Chair, WIZO NY

Governing Board of Directors

Wilma Aschendorf

Debbie August

Juliet Berkowitz

Haley Lieberman Binn

Nancy Chetrit

Debbie Cooper

Fortune Dushey

Lauren Schor Geller

Mona Gora-Sterling

Marjorie Harris

Charlene Khaghan

Jamie Mitchell

Marcy Sakhai

Mara Sandler

Lydia Shalem

Arlette Shaya

Elizabeth Shaoul Wilens

Roxana Tetenbaum

Tanya Zuckerbrot

Rachel Shnay

AVIV Representative

Michele Lee Fine

Endowment Campaign Chair

Lauren Behfarin

Rising Leaders Co-Chair

Arielle Krinick

Rising Leaders Co-Chair

Lauren Tetenbaum Dorman

Rising Leaders Co-Chair

Rachel Aschendorf

Young Leadership Co-Chair

Alicia Chetrit

Young Leadership Co-Chair

Stephan Sakhai

Young Leadership Co-Chair

New York Board of Directors

Azita Aghravi

Caren Constantiner

Ruty Fouzailoff

Carin Gribetz

Sharon Podolsky

Sherrie Soleymani

Chantal Taic

Hope Ziff

Marisa Fox Bevilaqua

Melanie Damaghi

Sima Ghadamian

Nazee Moinian

Shirley Podolsky

Estera Stawski

Shirly Tambor

Bianca Blag

Erit Cohen

Chaiki Feldman

Gila Goodman

Dina Perry

Gabriela Shnay

Arlene Stein

Debra Wisch

Parent New York Chapters
The Rising Leaders Chapter
The WIZO Rising Leaders Chapter is a group of young professionals dedicated to community building and networking here at home to support WIZO’s programs and policies in Israel. This chapter aims to raise awareness of WIZO’s mission while carrying out the Jewish values of social justice and tzadakah.

The Rising Leaders chapter’s events range from family events, lectures and series, local community service events, singles events and more.

The Young Leadership Chapter
WIZO New York’s Young Leadership chapter hosts events throughout the year which create social connections with young like-minded Jewish professionals as well as networking and educational opportunities, all while raising funds to improve the lives of thousands of women, children, and elderly in Israel.

The Young Leadership chapter’s events range from tech talks, happy hours, singles events, athletic tournaments and more.