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WIZO USA began over 90 years ago by providing mothers with the means to feed their children. WIZO USA has since grown to become Israel’s leading organization for early childhood care and education. WIZO USA remains dedicated to Israel’s next generation and their parents by providing excellent childcare and top education to babies and toddlers with a special emphasis on changing the difficult circumstances of children at risk. WIZO USA nurtures the child and gives mothers peace of mind and the freedom to work, knowing that their toddlers are receiving the very best start in life.
Our Main Goals:
✓ To provide the best age-appropriate education while taking into consideration the unique variables of each child’s surroundings, as well as providing innovative programs for children at risk.

✓ To give young families the tools to improve their quality of life, strengthen their parenting abilities, ensure family welfare and give them tools for personal growth.

✓ To strengthen Israeli society by enabling more young parents to enter the workforce, especially women, and to create a leading, affordable and universal education system that ensures that each child will have equal opportunities.

✓ To promote and develop professionals at WIZO USAs’ daycare centers as well as other early childhood programs in Israel.

WIZO USA USA Sponsored Projects
Therapeutic Centers For Children At Risk
In the past years, the number of children who suffer from malnutrition, physical and emotional abuse has grown to hundreds of thousands.

Difficult to hear and hard to believe, hundreds of thousands of children in Israel are at extreme risk and suffer from various levels of malnutrition, physical and emotional abuse.

Without WIZO USA

With no one to help these children lead a healthy lifestyle and stay in school, they will ultimately end up on the streets, without warm meals, education or hope for a future.


WIZO USA has responded to this social need by providing frameworks that address the welfare, education, and development of Israel’s children at risk. WIZO USA’s 27 Therapeutic Centers are where WIZO USA professionals and volunteers provide care and assistance for 500 elementary school children from dysfunctional homes. They receive hot meals, tutoring assistance, enrichment programs and positive social activities after school until the evening. All of this gives them what they do not get at home and assists them in closing the educational and social gaps between themselves and their peers.

Why We Need You

Our expertise in holistic therapy has resulted in a growing number of requests for child placement at WIZO USA facilities by the Ministry of Welfare and Social Services. We want to expand this program to provide services for hundreds more youth throughout the country.

“Thanks to WIZO USA, I can go to work feeling calm and secure, knowing that my son is in a great framework that gives him all he needs.”

Daycare Centers
The infant and toddler years are the most formative of childhood. Delayed development, unmet needs, or suppressed growth can negatively affect a child’s abilities for years to come.

WIZO USA believes in giving each child the very best start in life and does so for every one of the 15,000 children in its 180 daycare centers across the country.

Without WIZO USA

The price of daycare is often too high to make it worth a mother returning to work. This is especially true for children from low socio-economic backgrounds where a mother will choose to save the money and keep the child at home. As a result, the child may not get the educational and social stimulation he needs for his age and the mother will not re-enter the workforce, losing her salary and lowering her future earning potential.


WIZO USA offers full daycare so that parents can go to work knowing their children are in the best hands possible. The daycare centers are priced so that mothers can go to work and provide vital financial support for their families. Children of all backgrounds spend their days in a warm loving environment with all they need to thrive and grow. The children gain developmental skills, get warm, nutritious meals, excellent education, play time and any therapies that may be needed.

Why We Need You

WIZO USA seeks to maintain its high standard of care and professionalism in its current day care centers and to continue to invest in its children, the future of Israel, by opening additional centers around the country.

“Thanks to WIZO USA, I can go to work feeling calm and secure, knowing that my son is in a great framework that gives him all he needs.”