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Claudine Amirian, LAC

Licensed Acupuncturist, Health Educator & Healer


Jessica Askari

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Shiela Omrani, MD



Daniel B. Rabenou

Founder of Bar Beauty


Live preview of newest
couture collection of Karen Sabag
Special Presentation and sale of Rachie Shnay Fine Jewelry Collection; a portion of proceeds to be donated to WIZO
The Gina Fromer Shelters for Battered Women and programs through the Janet Burros Center for Prevention of Violence exist to help women in Isreal recuperate from domestic violence—and to put an end to the abuse epidemic itself. With 2 battered women’s shelters for families in dire need, 100 programs for women and families working toward independence from their abuser, and a 24-hour Men’s Hotline that provides counseling to offenders, WIZO will do whatever it takes to prevent and intervene in family violence.

For this reason, WIZO proudly opened an Emergency Shelter in May 2020 in response to quarantine requirements and the implications of these restrictions on women in danger. We are faced with a heavy reality that thousands of women, children, and men are locked in a cycle of domestic violence in Israel. For the past 40 years, WIZO has been Israel’s pioneer and leader in the programs for the treatment and prevention of domestic violence.

This includes:
Public education
Legal aid services
And more.

In addition to the physical protection provided in WIZO shelters, our team arranges routine budget planning sessions, guided exposure to the digital world, assistance searching for employment, aid in obtaining educational scholarships, and guidance in finding a new residence and community.

One such program, Safety Net, is designed for women who have left shelters. It promises ongoing counseling support, family necessities, and financial assistance when needed.

It is WIZO’s goal to ensure that during every woman’s stay in a shelter, and afterward, she is empowered, independent, and permanently freed from the cycle of domestic abuse.

We hope you will support us in achieving our mission.

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