WIZO NY Emergency Campaign

Help us provide support services to those in need!

With a negotiated cease fire agreement in place all WIZO centers have returned to full operations. The physical damage will be repaired, the psychological scars must also be carefully mended.

In addition to four fatalities, and more than 130 injured, there remain the invisibly wounded. Women and children, who found safety in bomb shelters, but experienced the fusillade of dozens of rockets aimed at Israel’s southern cities. They heard launches of Iron Dome interceptor missiles, and booms of the exploding missiles in the air. Repeated warning sirens have left them shaken.

We can continue to make a difference in the lives of the innocent civilians who have been affected by this past weekend’s rocket attacks. WIZO New York would like to fund therapeutic and recreational activities to provide relief to the women and children in our Gina Fromer Battered Women’s Shelter in Ashdod. Your generous donation will help mend our most vulnerable.


WIZO USA, The Women’s International Zionist Organization, is a worldwide non-profit organization that operates over 800 social welfare projects in Israel.


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