We hope you and your family are doing well in these difficult times.

The impact of COVID-19 in Israel has affected every sector of Israeli society.
WIZO daycare centers and schools are closed. Currently WIZO’s 6,000 employees are on unpaid leave and unemployment funds have yet to be released. Unfortunately as in every crisis the most vulnerable have been the most affected.

Please consider supporting:

Emergency Fund for Women and Children Victims of Domestic Violence – a crisis support net for women and their children leaving shelters. WIZO currently operates the rehabilitation and reintegration program in four communities assisting 80 women and 200 children. The fear is that drastic cuts in social service allocations will force some of these families back to their abusers if we cannot provide for their most basic needs.

Food Assistance – Families of students living in our youth villages have received food assistance for Passover. We can anticipate that the need for food assistance will continue well past the Passover Holiday. Additional funding will be essential for these students and families.

National Parent’s Hotline – WIZO operates the only parent’s hotline, experts offer consultation to parents on a broad range of issues. Families, many with little or no resources, have been home since March 12. Counseling and support are in greater demand than ever before.

Gina Fromer Battered Women’s Shelter – Additional support staffing demands will continue throughout this health crisis. Round the clock professional care, and the need for additional social workers for women and children will continue to strain limited financial resources.

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Executive Director, WIZO USA
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