Mitzvah Matters

Choose WIZO USA as your B’nai Mitzvah Project

Thank You to Our Past B’nai Mitzvah Donors:

Anna Aschendorf, 2006

Rachel Aschendorf, 2006

Spencer Perl, 2006

Sandra Perl, 2008

Jake Beare, 2010

Harrison Geller, 2010

Teddy Kahn, 2010

Eliana Salmon, 2010

Gabriella Siegel, 2010

Lily Haber, 2011

William Helfand, 2011

David Waterman, 2011

Kayla Waterman, 2011

Logan Geller, 2012

Daisy Kahn, 2013

Michael Perl, 2013

Chloe Safra, 2013

Samuel Aschendorf, 2014

Joe Beare, 2014

August Biben, 2014

Oliva Domansky, 2014

Ilyana Mitchell, 2014

Shireen Sakhai, 2014

Mathias Salmon, 2014

Jake Sandler, 2014

Eliza Shapiro, 2014

Daniela Siegal, 2014

Sydney Silverstein, 2014

Audry Wisch, 2014

Mason Geller, 2015

Natalie Manocherian, 2015

Gabrielle Ostad, 2015

Ariana Bevilacqua, 2016

James Levinson, 2016

Jordyn Sandler, 2016

Zack Siegal, 2016

Marin Geller, 2017

Daniela Nussbaum, 2017

Maya Nussbaum, 2017

Julien Mitchell, 2018

Samuel Ostad, 2018

Juliette Zuckerbrot, 2018

Olivia Zuckerbrot, 2018

Choosing where to give during this important and joyous milestone is a big decision

By choosing to give to WIZO USA, you are choosing to give to the people of Israel; a beautiful way to honor your bar or bat mitzvah. Through your mitzvah project, you will improve the lives and social welfare of people throughout Israel.

WIZO USA seeks to connect Jewish people worldwide. By choosing to fund one of our various projects, you will be making a difference in the lives of many. Our projects are wide-ranging, some ensuring the safety and welfare of babies and elderly to funding programs that allow young people to reach their full potential.

Please read through our available projects and choose one that resonates with you.

Sports Activities for the Physically Challenged

WIZO USA Nir HaEmek High School and Youth Village is always working to ensure the inclusion of physically handicapped students, both in and out of the classroom. WIZO USA Nir HaEmek is looking to expand the activities that are provided to people who are physically limited. By choosing this project you will help give all students access to sports, regardless of their physical abilities.

Otzma Empowerment Program

Teen girls from impoverished backgrounds comprise the greatest risk group in Israel. OTZMA identifies 7th and 8th graders with high potential but who are underachieving and are at a high risk of dropping out. With this program, many not only reach the required levels of education but often acquire above average level grades and exam scores. By choosing this project you can help to fund this vital program and ensure the success in the lives of young Israeli girls.

Help Someone Have Their Own B’nai Mitzvah

As you celebrate this important milestone in your life, help a WIZO student celebrate theirs as well. WIZO USA Nir HaEmek Youth Village hosts 194 students. Of those students, 21 celebrate their Bar or Bat Mitzvah each year. Most of these students come from an immigrant background and are lacking a strong Jewish Identity. By choosing this project, you can assist these teens in forging their Jewish identity and celebrating the same milestone that you too are about to reach.

Sponsor A Heritage Trip To Poland

Every year throughout Israel students in grades 10 and 11 take an educational trip to Poland that enables them to learn about Jewish life before, during and after the Holocaust. This journey is a crucial part in the lives, education and Jewish identity of Israeli students. Unfortunately, the students living in the WIZO USA Youth Villages are unable to afford the cost of this educational experience. By choosing this project you can send at risk students from WIZO USA Youth Villages on this meaningful experience.

Foster Dance and Music Programs

Music and dance programs provide an outlet in which students can express themselves, have pride, and gain higher self-esteem. WIZO students are often even more in need of these benefits. By choosing this project you will provide a new outlet for these students and help to ensure their success in heading down a good path in life.

Don’t see a project that speaks to you?

Contact the WIZO office to find out about our other B’nai Mitzvah options.